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Cardhalla is a charity event that was kindly approved by GenCon for our use at Miracle Hero Con in 2020! During the convention, attendees are invited to build whatever they’d like – buildings, animals, people, anything – out of donated cards. It is a free event and attendees can come and go as they please. Cutting, glue, tape, and other adhesives are not permitted.

Cardhalla started as Cardland in 1999, with a couple of people waiting for friends to finish a game so they started building little buildings with a sign that said, “Add on if you wish, but do not destroy.” The result was a cityscape that encompassed 20 tables both above and below. The idea was adopted and has continued to be a popular event at GenCon every year since. This past year raised over $4500.

Cardhalla will be open to every attendee of Miracle Hero-Con and will be found in the gaming area. Please feel free to bring cards from home and add to the buildings or start your own! Your only limit is your imagination. The best part of Cardhalla? It’s destruction! You read that right – we will be destroying the entire project using money donated by you!

 More details will follow! Start planning!

Images used with permission.


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